Innovations are among the decisive motors for growth and business success. But how can you protect and use innovations in the long term? And do so in an environment of increasing competition, globalisation and rapid technological development? How can the data protection acts be implemented correctly? The protection and defence of intellectual property (IP) and the safe organisation of information technologies (IT) have become a vital part of companies' risk management.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are:

  • Registration of national, international and community trademarks, protection and monitoring of trademarks.
  • drafting and negotiating of contracts for the economic exploitation of IP rights (licenses and sale of trademarks, patents, copy rights and similar rights, Sponsoring).
  • national and international litigation in the form of injunctive relief and ordinary judgements in the area of IP law as well as in the area of private and criminal law (registered trademarks, de facto trademarks, patents, designs and models, domain names; unfair competition, counterfeiting and the relating crimes).
  • drafting and negotiation of development and license agreement concerning software.
  • assistance in connection with issues relating to internet pages, E-commerce and data protection.