Labour Law

We provide comprehensive advice to companies but also employees in the field of individual and collective labour law and support you in all aspects of HR management and HR development both in Italy and Germany.

We assist you in drafting contractual agreements for establishing as well as terminating employment relationships and provide assistance in connection with all questions that may arise during the ongoing employment relationship. We help you to define the contractual basis for your strategic human resources development.

In cases of disputes, we represent your interests before Italian and German labour courts as well as before authorities or in negotiations with the union or works council.

We further assist Italian and international clients in connection with restructuring measures, operational restrictions, company changes and company closures, also across national borders. We accompany your projects right from the outset, support you from the first idea to the strategic planning, show you scope for manoeuvre, and stay with you in the implementation phase too. Sometimes, a company transfer which has already been viewed as inevitable, can be avoided in this way. If this is not the case, liability risks can be substantially reduced during the formulation of the contracts.

In connection with transactions, our labour law experts accompany you in the labour law due diligence and support you in the subsequent post-merger arrangements.

Labour law is not only shaped by legal provisions but also by decisions of the labour courts. Our team monitors the latest developments both in terms of new legislations and new leading cases. That enables us to know where to place the focus and to provide assistance keeping in mind current and future developments.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are

  • Drafting and analysing of work contracts in the various shapes provided for and allowed by law including and managing director employment contracts.
  • Analysis and drafting of dismissals and severance agreements
  • Labour law due diligence
  • Representation in labour law litigation including the relating mediation procedures
  • Legal advice and assistance in connection with restructuring measures and conducting of the relating analysis of the labour law related risks
  • Analysis of the labour law related risks in connection with changes in the corporate structure, company acquisitions and other transactions including assistance meant to avoid the effects of a Company transfer.