Your supplier is in heavy delay or the work you have ordered is damaged? A competitor counterfeits your trademarks or patents or commits acts of unfair competition? A client of yours advances claims for defects or product liability? The directors of your company have caused damages to the company and the shareholders?

In these cases and many others i twill be necessary to assert your rights or to resist claims made by others. In any case, our specialists will assist you with determination in order to identify and efficiently realise the best strategy to reach your goals.

Litigation in court or arbitration can prove to be the best and most promising instrument to assert your rights and may sometimes double as an incentive to induce the parties to reach an amicable settlement.

We assist you in the first place to understand the perspective and the legal procedure to follow in a judicial litigation, providing assistance to make the right strategic choices with a view to maximising your advantages in both the pre-trial negotiations and the subsequent court case, if any. In addition, we offer legal advice in connection with alternative instruments of dispute resolution such as conciliation, mediation, assisted negotiation etc. that might best serve your needs or that are mandatory by law.

Once you have opted for litigation, we offer not only experience, expertise and patience, but also, vision, sensibility and tenacity, that guide our strategy.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are

  • Judicial representation in the courts of first instance (including peace judges), appellate courts and the Italian superior Court of Cassation
  • Urgent measure (seizure measures, injunctions etc.), payment orders and the relating ordinary judgements
  • Drafting and negotiating of amicable settlements
  • Arbitration proceedings before National (e.g. chamber of commerce) and International arbitration bodies: both as lawyers and arbitrators
  • Mediation procedures, ADR and the so-called “assisted negotiation”: both as lawyers and approved mediators


We offer those services in all our areas of expertise, providing assistance in connection with damage claims, with service contracts, violations of intellectual property rights and un fair competition, product and professional liability, company litigation.