White Collar Crime and classical criminal law

Economic activities entail increasingly the risk to become the subject of criminal investigations by the public authorities. There is no day without news about house searches, seizures of property or other investigative measure up to arrest against companies and their representatives.

It is not rare that many years later the authorities ascertain the complete lack of foundation of the accuses. In the meantime the mere existence of the ongoing investigations may cause severe and irreparable damages for the reputation of the companies and their representatives.

The potential damages for companies and management are high. In particular if the interested persons decide to approach the preliminary investigations initially without involvement of expert criminal lawyers, since it is often in this early stages of the proceeding that the final outcome will be determined. It is therefore particularly important to recur to the experience and expertise of an expert lawyer in order to devise the correct defensive strategy.

Our office has a longstanding and comprehensive expertise in the area of economic criminal law, be it in connection with pre-emptive advise, be it in connection with representation in criminal investigation and court procedures up to the Court of Cassation.

In addition, the office Dike Schindhelm offers its services also to private persons, both in their quality as defendants and as victims of crimes in the area of the so-called classical criminal law. Our activity focuses mainly on crimes against personal wealth and personal integrity.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are:

  • representation in Italian criminal Courts in connection with economic crimes
  • representation in Italian criminal Courts in connection with classical crimes
  • defence and representation in connection with insolvency crimes
  • defence and representation in connection with private corruption and bribery cases
  • defence and representation in proceedings concerning fraud, misappropriation and breach of trust