The requirements that laws and courts place on companies are becoming ever more complex. This also increases the risk of management itself having legal action filed against it for breaches. Particularly under these aspects, compliance, or acting according to certain rules, is growing in importance. The challenges and risks of operating business are too diverse for these not to be countered with a correspondingly careful analysis and preparation.

In close collaboration with you and tailored to the special characteristics of your business, we examine your processes and potential for risk, propose optimised measures and support you in their implementation. The goal here is to identify risks and minimise them for the future.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are

  • Drafting and analysing of organisational models in accordance with law 231/2001 concerning criminal liability of companies.
  • Assistance concerning compliance with the provisions set forth in the occupational safety and health laws (D. Lgs. 81/2008)
  • Assistance concerning setting up of an adequate system to delegate internal offices in order to minimise the risk of criminal liability for the company’s executive officers and members of the surveillance bodies.
  • Drafting or revising of Ethics or Conduct Codes that govern the principles to respect in relation to third parties and internally within the company.